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Runaway Tales: Anarchy and Rapture

One of my goals for 2010 is to get more writing done.

Over on LJ, there's a writing community, Runaway Tales, and there's more prompts over there than I know what to do with.

So my goal of 400,000 words for the year should be a bit easier, and I should understand my own universe better, right? :)

(Yeah, I know. But I can try.)

Anarchy and Rapture is a huge, ginormous universe that spans probably at least a century at its longest. Until recently, every NaNoWriMo I've started is from this universe. It's a modern/urban-fantasy based setting, mostly based in North America (which might change if I can get Connor off his lazy arse). There is a magic system in place, controlled by a female deity known as the Weaver.

In order to know most things from this magic system, there is a combination of a library (that nobody knows quite where the books come from), and a master/apprentice system. While sometimes that involves people within the same family, it's rare for it to be parent to child, or brother to sister, although both have probably happened, and I don't know about it.

Also, some spells and acts can affect how well the magic works, and occasionally countermeasures have had to be taken.

There are sub-branches of this universe,

Anarchy & Rapture

    Passing Ghosts (Edward)

    Bridge of Silver (Albert/Anne; Dairinae/Ellisande; Anya/James; Sebastian)

    Moonlight & Shadow (Terre/Marcus; Cassie)

    Phase Portrait (JD/Erik; Anthony/Jason)

    Not Today

    Angel Eyes (Jeremy/Nicole/Maxwell; Kelly/Alex; Arianiera; Birgit;)

I said it was huge. What?