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There was a community on LJ that I adored, perhaps more than the one it spun off of.

I say was because it just sort of ... died, back in 2006. I don't even remember how or why. It was an original fiction community that used music to inspire short pieces. At least, they were usually short pieces. And considering how much a snippet of music can reach out and inspire me, and get me off and running, it was the right kind of impetus.

I think I would try to revive it there, or recreate it here, but today is a rare break. I'm running around crazy enough, between rl activities and work, that I don't have the time for it. And communities tend to need a bit of an eye being kept for things. And I would need to come up with the challenges, at least at first, and I know that many people aren't grabbed by the same sort of things I am, music-wise.


And this is the sort of thing that grabs me when I'm going back and tagging old entries.
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