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(I need a yarn/crafty/crochet/knitting icon. Ah, well. I'll figure that out later.)

From the moment I first saw it, I wanted to make the Hot Cross Slouch Beret. It would challenge me to learn new stitches and it's the perfect type of hat for the style of hair that I have. Especially now, with my decision to cut my hair so that it's up around my shoulders. I can just tuck my hair up under the hat and go.

The only problem was that I dithered too long and the magazine went off the market.

So almost every yarn shop I head into, if I can find back copies of Interweave Crochet, I look through them for the Winter 2007 copy. Today, [personal profile] caitlin and I actually headed into Lakeside Fibers during one of our infrequent trips into Madison.

(I. Love. This. Town. Like more than I can put into words. There is a reason why much of my fiction of late has been set here.)

There, next to where they keep the shelf of crochet books (including some that I have grown fond of), there were stacks of back issues of various crafting magazines. Including IC. At first, I flipped through them, and thought that it wasn't among them.

However, when I looked up the pattern on Ravelry, I realized that one of the covers looked familiar, so I looked again. Indeed, there it was. There were three copies. Now there are two, because I took one away with me.

And to think, the people at Loopy Yarns in Chicago didn't have it and suggested I might only be able to find a copy on eBay.

No, no eBay, and I was able to support an independent yarn store in the process.

Even though their hook selection seemed somewhat sad - I would love to see Addi hooks there at some point - I still think I should nominate this for the Crochet Friendly LYS list on the CLF.

Granted, I don't think I've been dissatisfied with any of the yarn stores here in the Madison area, and it's becoming something of a tradition to stop off at the Sow's Ear on our way out of town, but still.

Once I actually get the project stared, there will probably be updates, and occasional argh sounds of frustration as I try to get the new stitches down pat.
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